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Setup & Install

Setting up a New PC! or Custom PC!

Prices for complete systems tend to range from $750 for a basic setup, to $2000 for a top-of-the-line model. If you’re more of a DIY type, contact us for our Budget to Build A Gaming Computer, where you can set Goals for all the components you’ll need. All up, this custom gaming setup costs $1265.

Re: Installing Windows

Operating System installation and formatting can charge you up to ₦26k to ₦55k and it is good for it as one needs to process all of your Data to Back up after formatting and after that we will installing a new copy of windows with a Genuine Product Key Code. So, ₦26k to ₦55k sounds good.

Is it worth reinstalling Mac OS?
The main reason most people would reinstall macOS is because their system is completely messed up. Maybe error messages pop up constantly, software won’t run correctly, and other usability issues prevent you from working normally. In extreme cases, your Mac might not even boot. So, ₦25k to ₦45k sounds good.

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