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Remote Support

Remote Support

No matter where you are, if you have an internet connection, we can repair your computer remotely. With an online computer repair you don’t have to take unnecessary time off work or wait in for a stranger to come round to your home. You don’t need to disconnect your computer and bring it to us. You don’t even need to stay in, once we have established a secure link to your computer through our software, we can complete the repair as though we are in front of your PC. All the work is carried out using the power of remote access and the internet. Better still the prices are fixed, no matter how long we take to affect the repair and with our no fix no fee policy, you are assured that your computer will be fixed, or you won’t pay a penny*.

There are only a few scenarios where remote repair would not be available.

  • No network connectivity or internet connection, the system we use makes it necessary for us to be able to connect to your computer remotely via the internet, to be to offer our remote PC support services.
  • Startup problems, if you are unable to boot your machine to your desktop due to hardware problems, such as memory or hard disk failure or a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).
Frequently asked questions about online computer repairs.
  • Compatibility – Our online computer support software is available from our site. It is compatible with all windows versions including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 & Windows Server version. We are also able to supply on request software for remote control of Apple Macs (we will need confirmation of your Apple software version).
  • Ease of use – The software we use has been chosen for its minimalist required user interaction, the download from our servers should take approximately 1 minute. No changes are required to be made on your router or firewall. The program runs once only, when you click the file, it is not installed and makes no changes to your operating system, once we have finished you can delete the file or leave it in your download folder in case you need our services again.
  • Security – The software creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our server. This is a single point to point connection that cannot be accessed by anyone, you retain complete control and can end the session from your end at any time. We can only connect when you confirm the randomly generated client number. We will not access any of your personal data or files throughout the remote PC repair process, no files will be copied from your machine.
  • How much – With our fixed pricing you are guaranteed the repair at the price you see and our no fix no fee policy means you do not pay if we cannot repair your computer. The length of time we take to repair your computer is very much dependent on the speed of the connection from our servers to your PC, but no matter how long we take, our fixed price remains fixed for your remote computer fix

We offer two levels for our remote computer repair service.

  1. Windows Remote Software
  2. Apple Remote Software
What is covered by Remote Support?
  • Unable to print.
  • Unable to scan.
  • AutoPlay box doesn’t appear when you insert a disc/memory card.
  • Unable to send or receive emails.
  • Your home page has changed.
  • Toolbars have been lost.
  • Unwanted toolbars.
  • Files have been lost.
  • Incorrect Screen resolution or brightness.
  • The desktop Background has Changed.
  • Missing Icons.
  • No sound from the speakers.
  • Keyboard language or regional issues.
  • Unable to see a webcam image.
  • Unable to view videos online.
  • Unable to open files.
  • Unwanted programs open automatically on start up.
  • Error messages on start up.
  • Registry Check & Registry Clean
  • Disks clean up.
  • Virus Removal.
  • Malware Removal.
  • Spyware check.
  • Spyware removal.
  • Microsoft Windows Security Updates and Patches.
  • Hard Drive Defragmentation.
  • Antivirus software installation.
  • Antivirus software patches and updates.
  • Adobe reader installation.
  • Adobe reader patches and updates.
  • Adobe Flash player installation.
  • Adobe Flash player patches and updates.
  • Java installation.
  • Java patches and updates.
  • Microsoft Office security patches and updates.
  • Open Office updates.
  • Device driver updates.
  • Operating system patches and updates.
  • Application security patches

Once you have downloaded our remote computer access software to run/open the file, this will not install anything on your computer. You will then need to contact us by email or telephone to confirm the partner ID, the password is predetermined, once you have done this sit back put the kettle on and let us work our magic.

*We complete 95% of all remote computer repairs, the 5% of repairs that we cannot fix remotely are due to requiring physical access to the machine. When it is necessary to replace failing parts, such as a hard drive failure, DVD/CD drive failure or another failing component, you will only be charged a diagnostic fee of £25, we will email a report detailing the faults that require physical access to the PC.

Using a remote computer support service can be a bit daunting for those not familiar with the technology and how the process works, for further information on the process we use, please click the link Overview for an overview. We create a secure tunnel from our servers to your computer to be able to carry out the repairs, your data and files are always secure during the process. We will not access any personal information or files. We have been using remote computer support technologies for a number of years to maintain our customers’ PCs. It is the repair service that most corporate companies employ nowadays to maintain their IT infrastructure.